Informational Note On Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

The celiac disease is one of the horrific ones. Just ask those who, after years of suffering under the weather of gluten intolerance, have been diagnosed with the disease by specialist gastroenterologists or through blood tests. But a life long or short term intolerance to gluten does not need to culminate with the onset of this disease. It is quite possible for people to endure non-celiac gluten sensitivity symptoms as well.

gluten sensitivity symptoms

In fact, a much larger percentage of the population will still be experiencing symptoms of regular and not necessarily excessive gluten use that do not manifest itself as the celiac disease. There is one important difference worthy of note. Tissues of the intestines are not damaged. The condition of non-celiac gluten sensitivity has only recently been diagnosed. The symptoms may not as yet be clearly defined, but even so, they are still there.

Common symptoms of non-celiac gluten sensitivity include diarrhea, bloating, fatigue and stomach pain. Another symptom that needs to be watched carefully by those more sensitive to others is that of depression. But the jury is still out among the scientists as they discuss and debate the links to other potential diseases and whether the symptoms just mentioned are due merely to digestive issues or simply a placebo effect.

Yea or nay, as they say when it is time to reach consensus, no layman or woman can afford to take any symptom, however mild it may be at its earliest manifestation. Ignoring them over time can lead to far more serious intestinal infections which will take far longer to treat and be more costly as well. Making proactive adjustments to everyday habits, particularly the eating habits will for many folks be easier said than done.

If they are not necessarily afraid of change, they may be complacently set in their ways. Longevity and wellness begins in the home. No medical practitioner will be holding your hand. Fortunately, advocates of good health and healthy lifestyle outcomes have done much to make your new life much simpler and easier to adjust to. The number of gluten free food choices continues to grow and food preparation times have also been cut in half if you will.