What Termite Control Companies Newport Beach Say About 2 Known Species

Termite Control Companies Newport Beach

With Drywood being the more prevalent, the two common species that can be located in Newport Beach, California, are the Subterranean termite and the Drywood termite. There is bad news up ahead for these two known species of pests. Not just one, nor a few, there must be dozens by now all across Southern California. Not just one, but several Termite Control Companies Newport Beach way can be located. 

And they are all turning into hardy professionals. They are trained exterminators, using a variety of methods to rid areas and communities of a serious problem. You will find them in Newport Beach. In fact, you will find them throughout all of Orange County as well. Say hello to your pest control experts and good bye to long years of termite problems.

But first, these nasty little ants have to be rooted out. Spring is generally known to be peak pest season. All creatures breed during this time of the year. The pests are no different when mating season arrives and the termite is one of the most common springtime pests. They like to enter homes that have been particularly battered by a wet winter. Moisture filled homes, as far as pestilential termites are concerned, are nice places to make a home and grow a colony.

The in-season for the Drywood termite is summer. Pellet production for them begins around July. This is in anticipation of swarming. Channels are cleared as the insects push their pellets out of their homes. Subterranean termites, initially living underground, use their fecal matter to build tubes that they use to enter your home. By building and using the little tunnels, they protect themselves from the sun. The result of which will be piles of pellets or fecal matter, a sight you can hardly miss. Who are you going to call when you see this kind of mess in your attic or out in your garage or yard? You’re going to dial up the termite control companies, is what you are going to do.