Intense Workout Solutions

Are you ready to get a lot fitter than you are before? Are you hoping that you can achieve better fitness without having to put hours of work into it each day? We believe that you will be a huge fan of Total HIIT, especially if you are committed to getting fitter. The truth is that if you want to lose weight or you just want to improve your overall fitness, Total HIIT is a dream option. Not only is it very good for your body, but it does not require as much time to go through.

Total HIIT

But what is HIIT and how does it work? The first thing that you should know is that it stands for high intensity interval training. The idea is that you are going to be doing a lot of intense exercise in short time bursts. What does this achieve? It ensures that your body is burning a lot of calories, while you are also boosting your aerobic fitness. We will show you some options that you have for HIIT in your own workout routine.

One of the great things about HIIT is how quickly you can get through a training program. What you are doing is amping up the intensity of your exercises for maybe 30 to 45 seconds. Then you will take a 15 to 30 second rest and complete the process. Say you are running. You will sprint for 45 seconds and then you can jog or walk for 15 to 30 seconds. Then you can repeat the sprinting. The idea is that you keep going until you are not able to do the sprinting anymore. But of course, a workout plan may have more specific guidelines.

And you can apply that concept to any type of exercise, not just sprinting. That is the beauty of it! Say you are wanting to weight train or perform core exercises. You can use the same HIIT method. And you can even find YouTube videos where workout experts are showing the training program they go through with HIIT. It is going to show you that you have some fantastic options for HIIT, if you are committed to working hard and improving your physical fitness in the coming weeks and months.